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Fall 2021: A Back-to-School Legal Checklist for Independent Schools

Thursday, June 24, 2021 — 3:00 PM ET

Review and discuss pandemic-related legal issues related to reopening, including vaccine requirements, mask wearing and social distancing, as well as the legal parameters of measures a school can use if only a portion of the school’s community is vaccinated. Reconsider common re-opening practices such as reviewing and updating your employee handbook, employee onboarding and back-to-school training in light of recent developments. Learn more and register here.

COVID Management Town Hall with Environmental Health & Engineering

Thursday, July 8, 2021 — 3:00 PM ET

Hear from the team at Environmental Health & Engineering (EH&E), authors of “Operating Guidance for Independent School Pandemic Management,” about what is working well, what may not be needed any longer, and what should be considered for the upcoming school year. Get your questions answered about current summer program issues and review what to be thinking about, and doing, to get ready for the fall. Learn more and register here.

Supplement to Operating Guidance for Independent School Pandemic Management


This update covers the latest research on the spread of COVID-19 and virus variants, vaccines that protect against the virus, and practices to mitigate risk on school campuses. The areas of program tracking, cleaning, classroom space and athletics have major changes, and other areas have smaller updates. Information is current as of mid-June 2021. Access the supplement — and the original guide if you have not yet seen it.

Latest Developments


Auxiliary Programs

ARTICLE: Against the backdrop of the pandemic, summer and auxiliary program directors take on more diverse roles while looking for new ways to add value. Related ARTICLE: Avoiding the Summertime Pandemic Blues. Related WEBINAR RECORDING: Auxiliary Programs in the New Normal


NBOA HR Roundup

ARTICLE: Across the country, relaxed COVID-19 regulations are coming into force or will soon. Here's a look at some of the rule changes that may impact independent schools. Related ARTICLE: 5 Minutes with Independent School HR professionals: Tending the Flock


Hybrid Workplaces

ARTICLE: Many independent schools will continue to offer a remote work option to eligible employees, some of whom have thrived in an online environment. Related ARTICLE: The Most Productive Way to Schedule Your Day. 


Financial Impact

ARTICLE: Can airtight debt management and a focus on student retention help us emerge in a better financial position than before the pandemic? Related ARTICLE: Benchmarking the Pandemic’s Financial Impact

New Relief Package

WEBINAR RECORDING: Understand which elements of the third stimulus package pertain to your employment and payroll policies as well as legal obligations that you may be accepting if you utilize the funds, Related ARTICLE: PPP Round 2: Determining and Demonstrating Loan Eligibility.


COVID-19 Vaccine

WEBINAR RECORDING: As COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed to people across the country, now is the time to consider the legal and human resources implications. Related ARTICLE: Maximizing Vaccination Rates.

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Featured Resources

Webinar Recording

Sustainability Beyond COVID

Now is the time to look at what practices and trends will sustain schools through the rest of this pandemic and also achieve a healthy velocity when it's over.

Webinar and Article

Faculty & Staff COVID Liability

What schools can do to mitigate their legal and financial risk and keep everyone in their community as safe as possible. See also the related article.

Webinar Recording

The ERC & PPP 2.0

A practical guide to several key issues, including: Do these programs apply to your school? Does your school qualify? How can your school maximize the benefit?

NBOA Resource

Leave Considerations Tool

An interactive flow chart to clarify available leave, including FFCRA leave. See also New Temporary Rule for FFCRA and FFCRA FAQs

NBOA Resource

Long-Range Financial Model

An easy-to-use 10-year budget model that creates real-time forecasts for tuition, enrollment, FTEs, plant replacement and more.

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