Online Learning

Advance your career through virtual learning.

Learning Platform

  • Courses are taught in an online learning management system, which places greater responsibility on the learner than traditional professional development programs.
  • Classes are conducted asynchronously, so there is no single time each week when participants are required to be online.
  • Participants will connect and collaborate with each other through several forms of interactive media, including short videos and discussion boards.


  • Online courses range from 1 to 4 weeks as well as on demand (at your own pace) depending on the topic.
  • Participants should commit to spending approximately 3 to 5 hours on the class each week.*
  • Assignments for each week open on Monday morning, and should be completed by the following Sunday evening.*
  • Interaction is most effective when the entire class is working through the current week of each course; participation is self-scheduled, however, and a grace period is offered for catching up on missed course material.*

*Excluding On Demand


Courses are taught by content experts from NBOA, independent schools and business partners, who facilitate discussions and provide guidance and resources throughout the program.

Continuing Education

Online courses are pre-approved for SHRM and/or HRCI credit. Specific credit information can be found by selecting a course below.

Certificate of Completion

Registrants must complete the program and earn the Course Completion badge in order to obtain a Certificate of Completion.

Questions? Email or call 202-407-7140.

Learning Schedule



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 For any member of your school's leadership team
 For professionals with finance responsibilities
 For professionals with HR responsibilities

Engaging in Difficult Conversations with Employees During the Pandemic

Learn to engage with employees in an empathetic manner while still clearly conveying important information and safeguarding your school from liability.

Duration: 2 Weeks  |  Members: $355*  |  Nonmembers: $495*

Budget Meets Mission: School Finance for Non-Business Leaders

Understand the independent school business model and learn to be a good steward of your school's financial resources to work more collaboratively around financial issues.

Duration: 3 Weeks  |  Members: $445*  |  Nonmembers: $635*

Stewarding Donor Dollars: Financial Reporting for Contributions

Learn best practices related to gift reporting, compliance and donor stewardship, as well as how to develop a successful and strategic partnership between the financial and development functions at your school.

Duration: 3 Weeks  |  Members: $445*  |  Nonmembers: $635*

Interviewing and Hiring

Supervisors will learn to engage in meaningful interviews while avoiding legal claims and pitfalls in the hiring process.

Duration: On-Demand  |  Members: $99*  |  Nonmembers: $149*

Employee Leave and Accommodations

Supervisors will learn to spot issues and mitigate risk while working work with HR to manage employee leave and accommodations.

Duration: On-Demand  |  Members: $99*  |  Nonmembers: $149*

Performance Management and Separations

Supervisors will learn how to coach, evaluate and provide honest feedback to employees and considerations in a separation process.

Duration: On-Demand  |  Members: $99*  |  Nonmembers: $149*

Essentials of the Business Office

Explore the many responsibilities of business office professionals— from day-to-day finance, operation, and risk management to strategic leadership — and managing key relationships with the greater school community.

Duration: 4 Weeks  |  Members: $595*  |  Nonmembers: $845*

Long-Range Financial Modeling

Learn how to customize and manipulate NBOA's Long-Range Financial Model, a powerful financial planning tool for your school.

Duration: 2 Weeks  |  Members: $355*  |  Nonmembers: $495*

Measuring Financial Health with the Composite Financial Index

Calculate your school's Composite Financial Index (CFI) score — a tool trusted in higher education for decades — and learn how you can use the score and its four underlying ratios to think strategically about your school's financial strengths and weaknesses.

Duration: 2 Weeks  |  Members: $355*  |  Nonmembers: $495*

Nonprofit Accounting and Financial Reporting

Acclimate to a nonprofit financial reporting environment and learn about independent school financial statements and standards.

Duration: On-Demand  |  Members: $99*  |  Nonmembers: $149*

Human Resources Compliance for Independent Schools

Learn how to address day-to-day human resources challenges such as evaluation and termination, FMLA, the ADA and employee classification.

Duration: 4 Weeks  |  Members: $595*  |  Nonmembers: $845*

Strategic HR Leadership

Learn to develop and communicate your school's personnel management strategy and to be responsive to a changing market.

Duration: 4 Weeks  |  Members: $595*  |  Nonmembers: $845*

Wage and Hour Boot Camp

Learn the ins and outs of wage and hour law, including the aspects that are unique to educational environments.

Duration: 1 Week  |  Members: $295*  |  Nonmembers: $395*

Leave Law Boot Camp

Learn about best practices related to employee leave and how federal leave laws intersect and overlap.

Duration: 1 Week  |  Members: $295*  |  Nonmembers: $395*

HR Self-Audit with Culture Meets Compliance

Evaluate and improve your school's HR practices and policies using NBOA's best-selling guidebook with guidance and coaching from a senior HR professional.

Duration: 3 Weeks  |  Members: $445*  |  Nonmembers: $635*

*Group Rebate

Receive a $100 rebate per participant if two or more staff from your school register and receive a certificate of completion for the same course.